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Gathering references

My first step before starting the modeling process was to gather lots of reference for the character face (Russell Crowe).  As Russel Crowe is a popular actor i was able to grab some reference from 'google' as a starting point.
Later I've captured more images from dvd movies to help me define his face better.  It was very important to find high contrast images of the actor where his face is lit from a directional light source, this way i can see all the subtle details on the face.  Numerous different angles helped alot to "see" the volume of the face. Here are some examples of the initial references that I've used :

Russell Crowe - references

 Finding good reference for the face makes the project a much easier task  because you'll be able to see much more of the face features.
 Anyway with or without good references I'm following  same steps :)

 Here is a short list of  websites and search engines where usually I'm looking for pictures: - of course .. the best search engine -  you can search for your favorite celebrity or random pictures - human photo references for 3d artists - celebrity babes wallpapers or simple pictures. Very good site but with lots of  ads with mature content .. so be carefully :) - one of the first  search engine that I've used long time ago.

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